First Time Homebuyer tips


    Tips for the First Time Homebuyer
        Purchasing a home is a significant financial undertaking for anyone, especially for first-time home buyers and one that is likely to impact your financial future for years to come.
        First it is most important that you choose one REALTOR and work with them. It never costs a buyer any money to buy a home through a REALTOR so why wouldn’t you take advantage of the benefits of their knowledge and guidance and make sure your purchase was protected.
        Second you will want to start the preapproval process with a mortgage lender to see how much you qualify for and how much of a monthly note that you are comfortable with. You may qualify for a higher amount but want to stay under a certain monthly note. You will also know what type of loan you qualify for to see if you will need to put money down on a home or if you qualify for one of the 100% financing plan with no down payment.
        Third you will need to decide what area and amenities you would like in a home. From there you and your will work together to find and look at homes that fit your criteria and price range. Once you find a home that suits your needs then you will submit and negotiate an accepted offer.
         In the meantime your REALTOR will walk you through the necessary steps to get to closing. It is your responsibility to get all of the information and documentation that is requested from you as quickly as possible to stay within the timeframe of the contract. Make sure NOT to purchase anything until after you close on the home. It could potentially ruin the sale.
    Good Luck and Happy Home Shopping!
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