Do I really need to reduce the price of my home?

    Why is my home not selling???

    **Always remember the market determines the appropriate sales price!

    This sometimes happens for  reasons you can’t control, but there is one that you can control, the price that you are listed at. Here are a couple of indications that your home is not priced right. 

    First, if you have had several potential buyers come through your home and not a single one has made an offer, something is off.  A home that is priced to high may be discouraging buyers from making an offer because they don’t want to offend you or they think you are just to overpriced to negotiate an acceptable offer. Then its time to drop that price!

    Second, has the market or your competition changed?  Check to see what comparable homes have sold for and what’s still available on the market, also see what new listings have been added since you listed your home.  Then if the comps show your price is to high, then its time to drop that price  It is important to hire an agent who will work  with you and stay on top of the market  when selling your home because when a home sits on the market, buyers can begin to wonder if there is something wrong with it, which can delay a sale of your home even longer.

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